Borrow with your head. The cost of a non-bank loan

Just before Christmas, many of us are struggling with a dilemma, how to finance the dreams of relatives.” The desire to spend time in a family atmosphere at a generously set table makes us start looking for companies that provide quick loans. it kills in us rational thinking. We often make financial commitments that are […]

Forward Loans

  With a forward loan, you can benefit from the currently low interest rates for the follow-on financing of your construction loan. A forward loan is interesting for anyone whose fixed interest rate mortgage expires over the next few years. In this case, it is best to think about their follow-up financing at an early […]

Loan for Entrepreneurs with Negative Private Credit

If you want to take out a loan for start-ups with negative private credit, then this is a loan request, which requires intensive processing by the bank’s corporate client advisor but also by the borrower himself. So prepare thoroughly for the loan application! This preparation consists of various phases, the “tidying up” of one’s own […]